Three years after the release of her sophomore studio album Halcyon, UK’s queen of electronic-pop, Ellie Goulding has returned to the throne with her third album, Delirium. 

Goulding’s third album sees her taking a departure from her well-known electronic sound to a more pop radio-friendly sound.

The album opens with an introduction track consisting of Goulding harmonizing, which then transitions into a song called “Aftertaste”. On “Aftertaste”, Goulding sings about a relationship destined to end.

“I know there’s nothing that I can do to make you stay. But one thing I know that will always remain, and that’s the aftertaste,” Goulding sings over an 80’s-inspired pop music instrumental, setting the theme for the entire record.

On the Max Martin-produced “Codes,” Goulding expresses her frustration with a significant other “talking in codes” rather than simply being straightforward with her. “Codes” has a similar chord progression to those of Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” and The Weeknd’s “Can’t Feel My Face”, also produced by Max Martin. If anything, “Codes” is a top contender for the album’s next single, as it has a catchy beat and lyrical themes almost everyone can relate to.

Songs like “Keep On Dancin'” and “I Do What I Love” show that Goulding hasn’t completely parted ways with EDM, however, still knows how to give a good time and not give a fuck what anyone has to say.

One of the standout tracks on the album comes in the form of “Army”, on which she sings of a dysfunctional relationship. The use of acoustics on “Army” makes the track reminiscent of the sounds from the Lights era, along with its rawness and honesty, reminding us all of the Ellie Goulding we fell in love with.

Overall, Ellie Goulding shows she is everything pop music needs her to be on Delirium. The album contains something for everybody, including the previous hits “Love Me Like You Do”, and the Calvin Harris-assisted “Outside”. Delirium shows the evolution of the British songstress from the timidness of Lights era Goulding, to a more honest and raw version of herself.

Rating: 4.5/5

Download recommendations: “Codes”, “Aftertaste”, “Love Me Like You Do”, “Army”, and “I Do What I Love”