Spending this past week in California made for a very interesting spring break. Although I made a list of touristy things I wanted to do, the main reason for me visiting was to network with people, line up an internship for the summer and get an idea of what living in LA would feel like if I end up moving there.

One of the best places to strike up conversations with people is on the train. During my daily commutes, I would ask people where they’re originally from and why they moved to LA.

Most people I spoke to said that they chose to move to Los Angeles to pursue a career in entertainment, whether it be in music, film, or theater. One young lady I spoke to told me about how she started her own company.

I have great respect for people who are courageous enough to start their own companies. I know I couldn’t do that without constantly telling myself “some terrible shit is going to happen, and you’re going to lose everything” or “somehow, you’re going to fuck all of this up”

selena gomez

Some other people I met told me that they moved to LA to act, however, have not had luck landing big roles, so they serve tables at upscale restaurants between small acting gigs.

My friend Jeff, who is a DJ and producer, also serves tables when he does not have any scheduled sets or studio sessions.

A serving job may be ideal for those pursuing the arts, as restaurant schedules are more flexible than a typical 9 to 5 schedule, allowing time for the aspiring artist to work on their art.

After I finish school this coming December, I would really like to work in the A&R or Marketing/PR of a major record label. I am currently interning at a small, Dallas-based PR firm, and hope that my experience will help me get my foot in the door for the career that I want. During my time in LA, I met with someone who works for one of the labels I would like to work at, whom I had previously contacted via LinkedIn. She told me that I had a lot of knowledge of how the music industry works, and she also liked how organized my Apple Music playlists were. She isn’t able to make any decisions about hiring, but said she would send my resume up.


Also, about two weeks before spring break, I received an email from Sony Music in regards to a summer internship application I had submitted in November. I was notified that I made it to the next round of the interview process, and was instructed to fill out a survey. The end of the email stated that Sony would reach out to me and the other candidates very soon. I have yet to receive a follow-up from Sony, and to be frank, I’m feeling quite fucking anxious.

I would like to hear back from the several music industry internships I have applied for, that way, I can more easily make plans for the summer.

Aside from the music industry, I have also thought about traveling the world for six months to a year, following my graduation. I’d love to write a memoir about my international adventures and have it adapted as a Netflix or HBO series. I realize that the idea of me accomplishing all of those things may be a bit of a stretch, but writing is something that I enjoy and feel that I’m very good at. However, getting a book published is a very difficult and lengthy process, and it’s not guaranteed that any book I write will be a success.


There are so many things I want to do after I finish school, and planning for that is proving to be very stressful. I know a lot of people say things like “man, I can’t wait to be done with school”. I am thankful that my college career is wrapping up, but I am a little bit unsure of what is going to happen next. I would love to live in New York or Los Angeles, but I always keep an open mind. I know that whatever God has planned for me will be in my best interest.