When you combine seductive, soulful California vocals with hard, aggresive Detroit rap flows, you get Jhené Aiko & Big Sean’s new collaborative EP, TWENTY88 .

The 8-track project was announced four days before its release via both parties’ Twitter accounts.

Aiko and Big Sean had previously collaborated on the songs “Beware” and “I Know” from Sean’s albums Hall of Fame and Dark Sky Paradise, respectively. On TWENTY88, the two artists bring their emotional, sexually charged energy together to create an 8-part story of a the trials and triumphs of young love.

The EP sees a more sex-positive side of Jhené Aiko, spitting lyrics that make her infamous line from  “he gotta eat the booty like groceries” from Omarion’s “Post to Be” seem like a nursery rhyme.

Perhaps the most radio-friendly track is “Selfish”, on which Aiko exclaims, “can’t believe I stayed faithful to someone so ungrateful, don’t you know there’s a line for my love?”

Tracks like “Memories Faded” see Aiko more upfront, saying “Remember all the times you used to fuck me in the car? Come right now and fuck me in the car.”

The aformentioned track also sees Big Sean being possessive with lyrics such as “Even though you got a man, the pussy mine, fo’ sho”. However, Big Sean does have his heartfelt moments when he tells his lover that he’s going to pretend that his email and phone aren’t working, allowing him put more effort into their relationship.

Overall, the project’s minimalistic production gives the listener a feeling of nostalgia, as though he or she is listening to a playlist of old Ja Rule and Ashanti collaborations. The song “Two-Minute Warning” features 90’s R&B duo K-Ci & JoJo, which adds to the nostalgic feel of the record.

TWENTY88 is available on all digital music retailers and is currently streaming exclusively on Tidal.

Rating: 4/5

Download Recommendations: “Selfish”, “Memories Faded”, “Deja Vu”