This past Friday, the University of North Texas’s very own Christiana Lovfald released her debut EP, A Look Inside My Brain.

The seven-track collection gives the listener a look at the life of 19-year-old Lovfald, and creatively details her experiences.

On a particularly notable track called “The Soup Song”, Lovfald dishes out adorable and clever metaphors for falling in love, comparing the feeling to “using a fork for your soup, the noodles go right through because you’re not thinking. You’re thinking about him around the clock.”.

What I like about the EP is the minimal use of electronic production and a focus on raw vocals and live instrumentation. On “What’s the Deal, Man?”, Lovfald proudly displays her wide vocal range and lung capacity, utilizing vocal runs and high pitched notes.

My personal favorite song on the EP is one called “Underneath Your Thumb”. Unlike most break-up songs, this one is sung from the narrative of a woman instructing her significant other to let go of what was. “Take my photo off the wall, it’s not helping anyone”, Lovfald sings to a former flame, knowing that the relationship has ended. She also claims that if her lover rids himself of the memories she “won’t be offended” as she “know[s] it’s ended”.

Overall, A Look Inside My Brain is a collection primarily consisting of deep thoughts, creative language and clever metaphors. Lovfald proudly displays her insight, detail orientation and vocal talents on her debut EP, setting the bar very high for her future projects.


Sounds Like: Norah Jones, Jewel, and Regina Spektor

Download Recommendations: “The Soup Song”, “What’s the Deal, Man?”, and “Underneath Your Thumb”