With a world tour imminent, Beyoncé has released her sixth studio album, Lemonade, exclusively on Tidal.

The album accompanies a musical short film of the same name, which premiered this past Saturday on HBO. The film tells the story of a relationship in which the man has been unfaithful, while the woman, Beyoncé, learns how to heal and becomes more self-aware throughout. The film features cameos by Serena Williams, Zendaya Coleman, and Amandla Stenberg, and also pays tribute to Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, and Eric Garner.

Lemonade tackles many genres, notably on “Hold Up”, which is influenced by dancehall sounds. On the Diplo-produced track, she seemingly opens up about Jay-Z’s infidelity, with lyrics like “…coming up after midnight, I smell your secret, and I’m not too perfect to ever feel this worthless”.

Another notable track is “Daddy Lessons”, a country-style ballad on which she opens up about her parents’ divorce. 

My personal favorite of the twelve tracks, is the penultimate “All Night”, which is told from the narrative of a woman loving and forgiving her husband, despite the bumps in the road they’ve hit.

Overall, the album itself is a journey of healing and self-actualization. Lemonade features collaborations with Jack White, The Weeknd, Kendrick Lamar, and James Blake. It is her most personal, honest, and innovative project to date, setting it apart from every album released this year so far.

Rating: 5/5

Download Recommendations: “Hold Up”, “6 Inch (feat. The Weeknd)”, “Sandcastles”, “Freedom (feat. Kendrick Lamar)”,  and “All Night”