It is currently 3:42 a.m. on Tuesday, June 7th, 2016. I am tired, but for some reason, I just cannot seem to fall asleep. I’m not sure what’s keeping me up.

I am taking care of this couple’s dogs while they are out of town, so I guess a part of me is worried that something may happen to them in the middle of the night. Or maybe I’m worried that when I come back to check on them later in the morning, they’ll have shat all over the carpet…again.

I usually sleep pretty well knowing that I’m not dating anybody and nobody is out there cheating on me, so obviously it’s not relationship-related stress keeping me up.

I’m out of school for the summer, and I’m on top of my work-related assignments, so my current inability to sleep is not related to either of those things. I’m probably going to be a sleepy mess once I get to the office. Luckily, my boss keeps the fridge stacked with Red Bull, so I’ll be good.

Between the time I had planned on going to sleep (usually midnight on weeknights) and now, I have had a variety of thoughts. I’m not one of those people that spits cliches like “If you want to have a real conversation with me, text me after 1:00 a.m.” I feel like that line is a favorite among the fake-deep. If you want to have a conversation with me, text me whenever, because I keep it real on a 24/7 basis. My thoughts tonight have been more in regards to logical planning for the future as opposed to dealing with emotions.

I am almost done with college, and couldn’t be more grateful for that it’s almost over, however, I admittedly kind of miss school now that classes are out for the summer. I may even sign up for a July summer class just for the hell of it.

The owners of the house in Denton, in which I rent a room, are moving in August, so I have a little bit less than two months to find a new place to live. Ideally, I would like to live in Dallas, closer to work, but no one seems to want to make the commute from Dallas to Denton. I make the commute from Denton to Dallas almost every day for work, and it’s not bad, but that may just be due to the fact that I’m able to wake up at 6:00 a.m. every morning without complaining.

My internship is going very well, and I’m loving the company I’m working for. I know I’ve always talked about living in New York after graduating, but providing that this internship leads into a full-time well paid position, I would be more than happy staying in Dallas after graduation.

Although I enjoy my autonomy, I am holding on hope that I may find someone worth settling down with at some point within the next two to four years. I would like to be married by the time I’m 28, largely because I don’t want to be in my thirties and doing the whole casual dating/hook-up thing, nor do I want to be one of those 40-year-old men on Tinder actively trying to pull tail. I don’t feel as though there’s anything wrong with either lifestyle, but neither of the two are what I want in life. Plus, I want to start my family at an age where I’m young enough to raise take care of my kids.

I feel like I’ve shared most of what’s on my mind. Overall, things are going very well in my life, and I have reasonable goals set for the future. It is now 4:36 a.m. as I finish this, and I’m going to try to squeeze in an a hour and 24 minutes of sleep before I have to wake up, get ready for work, and check on those aforementioned demon dogs.