I enjoyed answering everyone’s questions last week, that I have decided to answer ten more every week. Here are some that were sent to me since I posted my last AMA-style entry.

Q: Do you have Netflix, Hulu or HBO Go? If so, what are your favorite shows to watch on your platform of choice?

A: As much as I hate to admit it, I have all of them. My friends/family and I all share accounts, but I pay for Netflix, so that’s what I primarily use. My favorite shows on Netflix include “Bloodline”, “Orange is the New Black”, and “Master of None”. I just recently started watching “Flaked”, and I kind of want to start watching  “Love”.

I really only use Hulu to catch up on shows that air on cable, but may have missed during the week (“Empire”, “How to Get Away with Murder”,  and “Broad City”)

I like HBO’s shows, because the seasons of their programs are fairly short and the content is raw and unfiltered. I used to avidly watch “Girls”, but I slowly lost interest. I am a fan of “Game of Thrones” and I love “How to Make it in America”. If I could un-cancel any television program, it would be “How to Make it in America”.

Q: Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Within the next two years, I would like to be working in the A&R or Marketing/PR department of a major record label (i.e. Sony, Universal, Warner, etc.). I’ll have graduated by then and have enough saved up to relocate to New York.

Within the next three or four years, I would like to settle down with somebody and travel for a little bit.

By the time I’m 28 years old, I would like to be married and be in the early stages of starting a family. I know in my “Getting Through a Break Up” post, I said I wouldn’t mind not being married by age 31, but I feel as though I may have said that so that I would appear unbothered by the break up that had previously taken place. I honestly don’t really want to be doing the whole “casual dating” thing in my 30s.

By the time I’m 32, I would like to have written a memoir about my life, and have it adapted as an HBO or Netflix series.

Q: Do you like your internship? What kind of stuff do you do?

A:love my internship! I am currently working with three companies this summer. My primary focus is with Do214/DoStuff Media, which is an event listing site designed to keep locals and travelers updated on the most interesting events going on in the city. The bosses are very cool and fun to work with, and they also provide challenging tasks, which is very important to me in the workplace.

I still freelance with Culture Hype PR; my boss over there sends me tasks via Asana and I usually just work on them from home.

I also write articles for an EDM radio station in Denver called Mix 247, which is great, because music and writing are the two loves of my life.


Q: What made you want to get into PR?

A: It was around my second year of college when I thought to myself “okay, I don’t really want to go spend another four years of my life in grad school once I finish my bachelor’s” so I looked into things I could do with a bachelor’s degree in psychology.

I feel like PR works very well for me, because I’m very creative, I’m able to meet deadlines, and I communicate well with others. Plus, I get to go to very fun events!


Q: Do you believe in horoscopes?

A: To some extent, yes. I mean, there have been cases in which I’ve read my daily horoscopes and the statement was almost relevant to what was going on in my life, but I wouldn’t necessarily use astrology to guide my entire life.

I do however, believe in signs from the universe. For example, I was out on a run one night, and I passed by a hospital. Tiesto’s song “Red Lights” came on shuffle, which was the favorite song of an old friend. I took running by the hospital, combined with that song playing as a sign that something bad may have happened. I texted him and learned that his apartment had gotten broken into the night before.

That’s just an “Alex” thing, and I’m sure everyone has a sixth sense of their own.


Q: How do you keep organized?

A: I stay organized by having my day planned out at least 24 hours ahead of time. I set alarms, create lists, and try to sleep, eat and wake up at the same time every day. When classes are in session, I try to go to the library for at least two to three hours every night. Physically, my bedroom is not the best example of organization, as it is almost always a mess, but there is always room for improvement!


Q: I’ve been keeping up with your blog for a while now and I’m actually attending UNT in the fall. What advice can you give to an incoming freshman?

A: Oh wow! Well first off, congratulations on your decision to attend UNT! You’ve made an excellent choice.

If we’re being honest, I could probably write a bible-length guide filled with advice I would give my freshman self.

One of the main keys to success in college is to utilize the resources that you are paying for. Willis Library is open on a 24/7 basis, so you have no excuse not to study, or have your papers printed. Make friends with the people in your dorm hall, exercise regularly at the rec center, join organizations, and attend on-campus events. Remember, you are paying for all of these things, so it would behoov you to get your money’s worth. I am thankful for the wide variety of resources that have been available to me during my time at UNT, and probably would not have gotten through my time here without them.

If you have any more questions about UNT or college in general, feel free to message me directly!


Q: What is the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?

A: I can’t really say that I’ve eaten anything particularly strange. I’d say that the most adventurous food item I’ve ever tried was some fried alligator at this restaurant called Dodie’s in Dallas. It was the bomb diggity.


Q: If you could learn any skill, what would it be?

A: I would love to be able to proficiently play piano. I used to attempt at teaching myself by watching YouTube instructional videos. Perhaps I’ll revisit it this summer, or after I graduate.


Q: How would you like to be comforted or helped?

A: When I’m distraught, I find that being touched puts me at ease. Hugs are great, back scratches are great, and having my feelings validated will also provide comfort. I also find comfort in being reassured that everything will be okay. Also, given my age, my friends and I all face fairly similar twentysomething problems (being broke, nightmare dating situations, college, etc.) on a regular basis. Talking to friends who can easily empathize with what’s going on in my life always reminds me that everything will be okay, as long as I don’t give up.


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