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Q: What are your thoughts on the Orlando tragedy?

A: As a hispanic, queer person, it really did hit close to home. It was disheartening to hear about 50 people dying in a place that is intended to be a safe haven for them, but it’s also disheartening to see Islamophobia on my Facebook and Twitter feeds. I’ve really been wanting to say something, but felt like my words would mean nothing. I do think that America needs stricter gun control laws because this is the only nation where shootings occur on a regular basis.

[Note: there is no .gif image for this, because this is not something to be taken lightly]

Q: What do you look for in a partner?

A: I don’t necessarily have a “type”, but I want someone who is driven, has a degree or is working towards one. I’m really wanting to break out of this whole casual dating/hookup phase and find someone who sees themselves settling down with me eventually. I want someone who has their priorities in order, but still enjoys cutting loose and going out for drinks and dinner. It would be pretty cool to have someone to bring to work parties.


Q: What are your thoughts on staying friends with exes?

A: It has never really worked for me. When I’ve distanced myself from exes, I eventually came to realize that we really were different from each other. I’d be willing to meet up with an ex, maybe have lunch or drinks, but I don’t think I could be “best friends” with someone whom I was once in a serious relationship with. It works for some people, but not everyone. I like to think I’m at least on good terms with most of my exes; like, if I saw one in public, I could say “hi” and it wouldn’t be awkward.


Q: What was your biggest worry five years ago, do you still feel the same about it at this minute?

A: Five years ago, it was June of 2011 and I was 17 years old. I think the biggest concern of mine was getting ready to begin my senior year of high school and line up an acceptance from a four-year university.

Obviously, I don’t feel the same about previous worries, as I am almost done with college and have a few potential post-grad options lined up. However, I do wish that at 17, I would’ve thought about what I actually wanted to major in instead of picking a major that would please my parents. Luckily, with a degree in psychology, I can work in a variety of fields that interest me.


Q: Are you religious?

A: I believe in God, but I don’t really go to church. I don’t really see the point of going because people are capable of worshipping God on their own time and from their own homes.

I also believe in aspects of other religions, like karma and reincarnation, which come from Hinduism. I don’t believe that being religious necessarily makes one a better person, nor do I believe that not being religious makes one any less of a person.


Q: What is your all-time favorite album?

A: Oh my. I’ve heard so many great albums in my life, it’s hard to choose just one. I’d say that it’s a three-way tie between Kanye West’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, Ed Sheeran’s +, and Mumford & Sons’s Sigh No More.


Q: What is your favorite cocktail? 

A: It’s called an “adios motherfucker”. It consists of vodka, rum, tequila, gin, Blue Curacao and Sprite. It tastes like the popular Ocean Water drink from Sonic. The first time I tried it was at a bar in Dallas called Fox & Hound. Admittedly, I sometimes feel awkward ordering it by that name, so if I’m at a bar that I’ve previously never been to, I’ll ask for an “adios you-know-what”.



Q: What was the last book your read?

A: The last book I read was a memoir called “Home is Burning” by Dan Marshall. Memoirs and personal accounts are my favorite genre of books, and in “Home is Burning”, Marshall recounts leaving his mid-20s Los Angeles lifestyle behind to take care of his terminally ill parents in Salt Lake City.

I live around the corner from a really cool used book store in Denton, so I’ve been trying to read more. I recently purchased a copy of “Room” by Emma Donoghue and “A Million Little Pieces” by James Frey, and I’m really excited to begin reading those.


Q: What was the last movie you watched?

A: The last movie I watched was “Where to Invade Next”, the most recent documentary by Michael Moore. I didn’t get a chance to watch it all the way through, because I was watching it with my two brothers and it was getting late as the movie was nearing the end, and I had to be up early for work the next morning. In the film, Moore visits other countries and learns about the quality of their education systems, conditions of prisons, and satisfaction of people in the work force. Overall, I found the documentary to be very eye-opening and I would highly recommend it.


Q: Do you carry any good luck charms?

A: When I was in California during summer of 2015, I made it a point to meet up with this DJ/producer in Sherman Oaks, whom I had previously befriended via Soundcloud. He invited me to his place, showed me some cool unreleased mixes he had made, and even taught me how to use his DJ equipment. As a parting gift, he gave me some “good vibe crystals”, which I carry around in my wallet. This may sound strange but ever since then, the universe has presented to me several life-changing opportunities and distanced me from things that were bad for me. It could just be coincidental, but regardless, I feel like the greatest gift that someone can give you is something that is sacred to them.