Having been struggling to find different topics to write about, I’ve been searching the internet for writing prompts to respond to. Yesterday, I reluctantly went to The Odyssey’s page to see what other people my age are writing about. To be honest, I personally don’t care for any of The Odyssey’s articles. Granted, a few of my close friends write for The Odyssey and I regularly keep up with their work, however, I find most Odyssey articles rather cheesy and poorly written.

When I went onto The Odyssey’s website, there was nothing displayed, so I figured the site must be down. I searched “The Odyssey” on Twitter to see if anyone else was having trouble with it, and came across an entry titled “An Open Letter to the Boy in the Taco Bell Parking Lot.” My first reaction to the article’s title was “oh brother, another tale of a drunken sorority girl outing.” Granted, a lot of these articles have titles along the lines of “I am Not a Feminist, and That’s Okay” or “I am Voting For Trump and I Don’t Care What Anybody Says.”.

Without even taking a look at the “Taco Bell” article, I quoted the tweet and commented “Journalism is dying.”. The author of the article responded to my tweet, noting that she has other pieces, and commenting that she didn’t feel as if I had actually read it. I admitted that I hadn’t read it and told her that I would give her article a chance.

In the article, which can be read here, the author recalls an awkward encounter she had in a parking lot, in which she had to make an important decision. The article is well written and tells a good story, and I regret not giving it a fair chance. At one point in our Twitter exchange, she told me that everyone has to start somewhere. This is something that I’ve always known.

As I’ve mentioned in previous entries, I want to write a New York Times Best Selling memoir after I graduate college. This blog is my “starting point” and has helped me land internships, as well as helping me get selected to write pieces for local publications. I am aware of the struggle young writers face, as I have had this blog for almost ten months, but only have 13 subscribers. I heavily rely on my friends and family to read and share my posts, and I’ve learned how to accept criticism.

What I took away from yesterday’s Twitter exchange and this experience as a whole, is that it is important to build others up instead of making unfair judgements. Read your friend’s Odyssey article, buy your local musician’s EP on iTunes, attend your classmate’s art showing, and support your roommate’s business start-up.


If you’re wanting to work in a creative field, it is important to support others with similar goals, as well as it is to accept criticism.

Instead of making unfair judgements, learn from those around you. Keep an open mind and always remain humble.