After I posted my first AMA-style blog entry, I initially said that I wanted to do one every week. However, I decided  it would be better if I didn’t reveal too much about my personal life online. I will still be doing them, just not on a frequent basis. You are always welcome to submit your questions here.

Q: What do you think is the most important show on television right now?

A: I enjoy watching “Modern Family”, because it was one of the first shows to fairly give interracial marriages and same-sex marriages humorous yet accurate representation in mainstream media. I also am a fan of “Blackish”, which touches on hot-button issues such as racism, police brutality, and cultural appropriation. I recently also started watching “Fresh Off the Boat”, which highlights the struggles of raising a family of color in a predominantly white area.


Q: What has life been like in Dallas following the recent shooting?

A: I would like to think that America is slowly but surely becoming more conscious of police brutality and how easy it is to obtain assault rifles. It’s definitely more disheartening to hear about tragedies when they take place in your own backyard. I’ve always been a supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement, and I fully support police officers who do their job correctly and are committed to protect and serve civilians.

Admittedly, I am a little bit anxious during my commute to work, because I work about a block away from where the shooting took place.


Q: Do your parents know about your blog? If so, how do they feel about it? If not, how do you think they would react?

A: My parents currently do not know about my blog. Before I launched it, I had mentioned to them that I wanted to start a blog and they thought it was a good idea. If they were to find it, I would hope that they would think that I’m a good writer. I’m sure they’d probably be shocked to find about certain things, like me having dated a guy, or me staying with a stranger for a weekend in Colorado, but I would hope they’d be willing to make an effort to understand. I’ve never spoken of them in a negative light on here and I’ve always noted my appreciation for the sacrifices they’ve made for me and my brothers.


Q: Whom are you voting for in this upcoming election?

A: If you read my entries, I think it’s very clear which side I lean towards. I am most certainly not voting for Trump. When I vote for someone, I think of voting for their ideology, not them as a person. If you are not interested in voting for either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, you can take this quiz to find out which candidate best lines up with your values and beliefs.


Q: How do you feel about the whole Kim Kardashian vs. Taylor Swift feud?

A: The whole thing was funny for about 24 hours, especially with the memes that spawned from it, however, there really are more important things going on in the world. I have respect for both parties, but I’m glad Taylor got called out for being dishonest and that other public figures were chastised for not using their platforms to talk about more important current issues.


Q: Which famous chef would you like to have cook you a meal?

A: That would definitely be a tie between Alton Brown and Chrissy Teigen. I know either one would prepare me a hearty, filling, and satisfying meal, regardless of whether or not it’s healthy.


Q: If The Purge was real, what would you do?

A: Honestly, if I were to be granted amnesty from all crime for a 24-hour period, I would just steal a bunch of shit from Target. They have everything!


Q: Where is your happy place?

A: When I need a place to escape but can’t trek far from town, I usually go to Barnes & Noble or Whole Foods to sit down and read for awhile. Sometimes I’ll read a magazine then put it back, or I’ll catch up on the news on my mobile device.


Q: If you could be the spokesperson for any company, which would it be?

A: Trader Joe’s, for sure! I love the company and their mission to sell quality products at an affordable price.


Q: Do you have any roommate horror stories?

A: I have a few. My first year at UNT, one of my roommates was a huge gamer, and would stay up until four in the morning playing World of Warcraft. I’m not one to pass judgment on anyone for their hobbies, but when you’re trying to fall asleep after a long day of school and work, hearing someone yell and swear at a computer screen can get rather annoying. Also, the click-clacking of the keyboard really managed to grind my gears.

The first semester of my second year at UNT, I had a roommate who was sort of a druggy. He was always skipping class and stumbling in early in the morning.

The following semester, and from then on, I haven’t had trouble getting along with any roommates (as far as I know).