Last week, I house-sat for my friend while he was on vacation in Mexico. He lives in a nice two-bedroom apartment in the Uptown/Highland Park area. It was a fun experience, as I was able to get a feel for what living in that area would be like.

Staying in the area was rather convenient, given the fact that my place of employment is within walking distance of his apartment, which was a nice break from the typical 45-minute commute from Denton. Plus, I was doing media work at a festival called Lights All Night in Dallas that Friday and Saturday, so Uber rides to and from the event was quick, easy, and cheap.

I only told one person that I was house-sitting, because I knew that if I told all of my friends, one of them would’ve told me “bro, let’s throw a rager”. The walls in that building were super thin and the hardwood floorboards were super creaky, so I knew that if I had multiple people in there at a time, the neighbors most certainly would’ve called the cops.

The one friend I told came over twice. The first night we sat down on the couch, drank cheap liquor and watched the news. It was like we were grown-ass adults. However, he was being loud as fuck, so I suggested that we go for a walk around the neighborhood.

The neighborhood was very pretty, especially at night, plus, it was easily walkable.

I like Dallas a lot, because it’s centered around a perfect mix of professionalism and creativity. I’m not sure I’ll live in the metroplex much longer after I graduate, but it was indeed nice “living” in Uptown for a week. I loved being able to wake up, go for a run in the park, go to work, come back home, eat dinner, and conveniently walk to the bars. I felt like an actual adult, as opposed to a struggling 22-year-old. Plus, the building was right behind a Whole Foods. I regularly ate leafy greens as snacks.

Overall, house-sitting was a fun experience, and on the off-chance that I do end up staying in Dallas following graduation, I would love to live in Uptown.