“Fucking aliens get more screen time than black people and their accomplishments,” Elexus Jionde White, better known as Lexual, says in her video “Responding to White Foolishness in 100 Words or Less”. This video comes as part of Lexual’s new multimedia platform, Intelexual Media, which, in her words, is “dedicated to promoting critical thinking, teaching real history with a contemporary lens, and encouraging black socio-economic progression.”

You may remember Lexual from her Twitter thread that went viral this past 9/11. The thread of tweets opened with “White people cant [sic] ever let go of 9/11, a single day in our history, but want you to get over 300 years of racial oppression lol [sic]”

This tweet was followed by several other tweets containing historical information that often goes ignored by teachers, textbooks, and media outlets.

Information such as the fact that black people were unknowingly being injected with syphilis, resulting in them being sterilized, is vital information that certainly went ignored in our high school history classes.

Her thread also contained information regarding unfair housing discrimination practices, the racist origin behind a banned Disney film, the War on Drugs, and much more.

The thread is closed reminding the audience not to forget 9/11, but also not to forget American tragedies that affect black people to this day.

Lexual’s thread was not met without controversy. It struck a nerve with white America, and Lexual received a multitude of racial slurs and death threats in her Twitter mentions.

Despite the subsequent backlash and criticism, Lexual has continued to use her platform to educate the public on the essential black history lessons we didn’t learn in school.

She even launched a GoFundMe campaign to fund her media platform, which raised over $10,000.

Her platform, Intelexual Media, was launched this past Thursday, and it contains written content and videos detailing important and often overlooked moments in black history.

She also debunks myths and fallacies surrounding black history, including the viral photo of black doctors operating on a Ku Klux Klan member (the photo is, in fact, fake).

One of her most notable videos thus far is her video on scientific racism, in which, she explains unfair education practices and how black people were forbidden from attending school and learning how to read and write. The video also explains the racist origin of the SAT college admission test.

Intelexual Media can be accessed here. When watching her videos, keep an open mind, and be prepared to be faced with uncomfortable truths. She delivers the information in less of a “can’t we all just get along” fashion and more so with a “you need to learn this shit” attitude. She is always prepared for any backlash and criticism she may receive. Lexual does an excellent job on bringing to light everything your grade school history classes got wrong, and has a promising future in the realm of activism and race relations.

Apart from her multimedia platform, Lexual is also in the process of writing and publishing a non-fiction book.

Be sure to follow Lexual on Twitter @Lexual__ for updates and vital information. She plans to update Intelexual Media on a weekly basis.