This past Thursday evening, Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Kevin Garrett performed at The Prophet Bar in Deep Ellum. Garrett, an unsigned independent artist, has toured with X Ambassadors, Alessia Cara, and has even written for Beyoncé.

Garrett’s False Hope Tour accompanies his new EP, False Hope, and he is joined by electronic-rock band Arizona during the 22-date trek.

Arizona’s opening set consisted of seven songs, and while I, myself, had never listened to the band, the entire crowd sang along to their songs “Cross My Mind” and “I Was Wrong.”

Arizona performing at The Prophet Bar

Lead singer Zachary Hannah introduced most of the songs from their set with dad jokes and puns. Notably, he said “our next show is in Nashville, which is ‘oceans away’,” before the trio performed their song “Oceans Away.” He also said “when we leave Dallas, not a single day will go by where you don’t ‘cross our minds.'”

Arizona closed their set thanking Garrett and assuring the Dallas audience that this won’t be the last we see of them.

The three-piece’s set was followed by a 30-minute intermission, after which, Kevin Garrett took the stage.

Following Garrett’s opening song, he expressed gratitude towards the audience thanking them for selling out the show. He then performed “Stranglehold,” the first released track from False Hope.  He threw in a few dance moves while performing, and even for a white dude from Pittsburgh, he proved he has rhythm and managed to stay on beat.

Kevin Garrett sliding his feet as he dances to his song “Stranglehold”

Garrett’s set included a lot of his older work, including “Coloring” and “Control” from his debut EP, Mellow Drama. His live performances sound almost identical to the CD quality versions of his songs, proving that he doesn’t need to doctor his vocals.

While Garrett has yet to release a full length album, he did promise the audience that he will. Garrett writes the lyrics all of the lyrics to his songs, and he recorded and produced False Hope in his home bedroom.

His songwriting abilities have previously caught the attention of Beyoncé, and he even wrote the opening track, “Pray You Catch Me,” for her most recent album.

Garrett performed the Lemonade track in a much-demanded encore following his Dallas set.

Overall, the show was a very fun experience. Positive energy radiated throughout the small, but cozy venue. Both Arizona and Garrett are humble acts. Garrett thanked Arizona for joining him on the False Hope Tour and insisted to the audience that Arizona will headline their own tour in the future. Both Garrett and Arizona made time to speak with fans and take pictures after the event.

Kevin Garrett’s catalog is available for streaming and purchase on all digital music outlets, as well as that of Arizona.

Check out the False Hope EP below.