With only a month remaining in the first quarter of 2017, ATL rapper Future shows no signs of slowing down. A week after releasing his eponymous fifth studio album, he released his sixth album HNDRXX. While FUTURE is more minimalistic and personal, HNDRXX is more so a compilation of 17 potential rhythmic radio singles. Perhaps the one with the most potential is the Rihanna-assisted “Selfish.”

The Detail-produced duet is a modern love song in which two former lovers revisit a romance-gone-sour for the sake of not feeling alone. With a bouncy production and a catchy chorus, it’s an R&B equivalent of The Chainsmoker’s “Closer,” only more listenable.

Future is rumored to drop yet another album later this week, proving that he is the current reigning emperor of trap music.

While on the subject of trap music, self-proclaimed trap god Gucci Mane released a new single this past Friday. The track “Make Love” features Nicki Minaj and it is the lead single from his upcoming album Drop Top Wop.  

The song has a nostalgic feel for fans of both Gucci and Minaj. Gucci raps over a simple, repetitive instrumental track, the same style of production that made his sound unique in the early stages of his career. Also, on Minaj’s verse, she appears to channel her alter ego Roman Zolanski, as she fires shots, reminiscent of the Beam Me Up, Scotty and Pink Friday days.

“You see silly rabbit,” Minaj proclaims, “to be the queen of rap, you gotta sell records, you gotta get plaques. S, plural, like the ‘S’ on my chest.”

Those are about the only printable lines from Minaj’s verse, and while she did not name names, it is speculated that the lines were a diss on rap veteran Remy Ma.

Minaj once again appears to fire shots at another female antagonist on Jason Derulo’s new song “Swalla,” which also features Ty Dolla $ign.

“I gave these bitches two years, now your time’s up,” she says. “Bless her heart, she throwing shots, but every line sucks.”

Apart from Minaj’s verse, Derulo and Ty Dolla $ign both have sung verses. While the song’s title and artwork appear to allude to oral sex, the word “swalla” seems to be more nonsensical.

“shimmy shimmy yay, shimmy yay, shimmy y’all, swa la la la,” Derulo sings, in an island, dancehall fashion.

The song has potential to do well in the realm of mainstream/pop radio, given Derulo’s track record of top ten hits, as well as Minaj’s and Ty Dolla $ign’s cross over abilities.

Known for crossing over genres, Calvin Harris has teamed up with the ever-so reclusive Frank Ocean and the already legendary ATL rap trio known as Migos on his latest single, “Slide”.

“Slide” has a ’70s-style groove to it, with a smooth piano intro and a sultry chorus sung by Ocean.

While the song may not end up receiving the mainstream attention it deserves, its feel-good sound makes for the perfect closing track for Harris’s sets at future festivals.

While the “Scars to Your Beautiful” hype appears to be winding down, Canadian singer Alessia Cara proves she is indeed “here” and here to “stay”.

On Zedd’s new song, “Stay,” Cara proves her songwriting, vocal, and crossover abilities, setting the stage for longevity in the industry.