After taking a year-long hiatus from the spotlight, Ed Sheeran is back with his third studio album. On Divide, Sheeran returns with the poignant heartbreak anthems we know and love him for.

One particular song, “Happier,” shows Sheeran’s growth, as he learns to let go of a love lost.

“‘Cause baby, you look happier, you do,” Sheeran says, “my friends tell me one day, I’ll feel it too.”

While he appears to be in the final stage of post-dissolution grief, Sheeran admits that he’s still not entirely happy, but is aware that the pain is temporary; a feeling all too familiar for anyone who has lost in love.

Heartbreak also appears to be a theme in New Zealand-native Lorde’s new single, “Green Light.”

“Green Light,” her first single in almost three years is the lead track from her upcoming sophomore album, Melodrama, set for release early this summer.

On the Jack Antonoff-produced track, Lorde sings of her very first heartbreak.

“I’ll come get my things, but I can’t let go,” Lorde sings,  “I wish I could get my things and just let go.”

With an instrumental unlike anything else on the radio, as well as well thought out lyrics written by the 20-year-old herself, “Green Light” is Lorde’s return as pop music’s young heiress to the throne. Her upcoming record shows no signs of hitting the infamous sophomore slump.

Hailing from the scorching deserts of El Paso, 19-year-old Khalid joins the line-up of Texas superstars. On his debut album, American Teen, the singer details the triumphs, trials, and tribulations of young, modern love.

Khalid’s music largely consists of minimalistic instrumental production and emphasis on quality vocals. His 15-track debut contains no vocal collaborations with other artists, allowing Khalid to display his vocal ability without any assistance from previously established artists.

American Teen’s overall theme is young love, and said them is best represented in the album’s second track “Young, Dumb & Broke”