After much speculation, Lana Del Rey revealed the she has collaborated with The Weeknd on the title track of her upcoming fourth album. “Lust for Life” marks the third collaboration of the pair; the fourth if we’re counting Del Rey’s uncredited vocals on “Party Monster” from The Weeknd’s Starboy record.

It’s a sexy, happy, track, and a beautiful departure from the depressing sounds of Del Rey’s Ultraviolence and Honeymoon albums. The pair’s musical chemistry allows for their vocals to cooperate naturally on the Max Martin-produced single.

Lana Del Rey’s fourth full-length studio album, Lust for Life, is slated for release on May 26th.

It’s been a while since we’ve heard new music from Charlie Puth. This past Friday, the singer/songwriter released a new track “Attention.”

The track is lyrically about a jealous ex-girlfriend stalking him at parties and spreading lies about him. The female antagonist in-question is rumored to be Famous in Love actress Bella Thorne.

While he has yet to announce a sophomore album, the track’s minimalistic instrumental, along with the falsetto-vocals have the makings of a Bruno Mars/The Weeknd-style track.

Could Puth be going in a new direction for his upcoming project? Who knows? In the meantime, check out “Attention” below.

While Major Lazer & MØ’s “Lean On” collaboration topped the charts nearly two year’s ago, the latter’s solo music seems to be having trouble achieving the same feat.

There’s no doubt the Danish singer/songwriter has talent. She writes all of her songs, and does her own background vocals as well.

Her latest track, “Nights With You” seems to be directed towards a female romantic interest.

In the song’s pre-chorus, she sings “I’ll take you out tonight, throw away your phone.
Don’t care about your boyfriend waking up alone,” hinting at her own bisexuality.

If a catchy instrumental and allusions to queerness are what allowed for Katy Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl” to reach number one, MØ’s better re-write should have no issue doing the same.

As of recent, Frank Ocean has been on a streak of releasing new music. But hey, after a four-year wait between his debut and sophomore albums, who’s complaining about that?

This past Saturday evening, Ocean premiered a new song, “Lens,” on his Beats 1 radio show, Blonded Radio.

“Lens” opens with auto-tune heavy vocals from Ocean, which transition to minimally-edited vocals.

While a new album from Ocean is yet to be announced, his consistent releasing of new music, radio show, and upcoming performance dates (hopefully) all mean he won’t be taking another hiatus anytime soon.