Following the overwhelming success of his third solo mixtape Coloring Book, Chance the Rapper is currently at work on his full-length debut album. Chance has been keeping a tight lip about the album, however, fans have been able to gather up clues and come to a consensus as to what he has up his sleeve. Below are just a few things we can expect from his upcoming project.

He may put it up for sale. – Although one of Chance’s claims to fame is not selling any of his music, he may make an exception for his debut album. In a interview with Complex this past March, he expressed frustration with not being able to chart, along with the possibility of selling his next project. “I kind of hate the fact that I can’t chart, really,” Chance told Complex, “I can chart, but the way they have the streaming shit set up is weak as fuck, It’s unfair. 1,500 streams is the equivalent to one [album sale], and that’s just that’s unfair. Nobody listens to their songs [1,500] times when they buy it.”

The album will likely contain throwback R&B samples. – Last month, Chance took to Instagram to preview a new song. The song contained a sample of “Every Little Thing I Do” by Soul For Real. Whether or not the song will be featured on Chance’s debut album has yet to be confirmed, however, judging by the 30-second snippet, the song sounds like it’ll be a 90s-inspired banger.

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Exclusive streaming through one outlet is highly unlikely. – Given the fact that he might be putting the album up for sale, Chance will likely not make the album exclusively available for streaming via Apple Music, like he did with Coloring Book. This is a good marketing move, considering that the more widely available the album is, the more purchases and streams it will receive, allowing him to chart higher.

Possible collaborators include Future and Young Thug. – In February, Chance previewed a clip called “My Peak,” which featured additional vocals from Future. Fans speculated that the collaboration would appear on one of the two albums Future would be dropping that month, however, that track didn’t appear on either album. Fans then speculated that the collaboration would be reserved for an upcoming Chance project. Chance was also photographed working in a studio with rapper Young Thug last week. If these collaborations come to fruition, Chance’s album is guaranteed to be a hit across multiple sub genres of hip-hop.

It may be a surprise release, and it may be released very soon. – This past year has been huge for Chance the Rapper, with wins at the BET Awards, NAACP Awards, and Grammy Awards. He has proven that his work lives up to the hype, which makes a surprise release a safe bet. He is set to perform on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” next Monday, meaning there’s a good chance he may be showcasing new material. Plus, given his upcoming headlining slot at Austin City Limits next month, this is the perfect time to roll out a brand new full-length project.


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