This past Friday, I celebrated 24 trips around the sun. Although I had been dreading making the transition from early-20s to mid-20s, 24 is off to a good start.

I kicked off my Kobe year by having dinner with seven close friends of mine at a restaurant called Stirr, located in Dallas’s Deep Ellum district. Although Stirr has been one of my favorite rooftop bars for a while, I had never actually eaten in the restaurant.

As a food critic (more info on that later), I found Stirr’s food to be quite delicious and filling. Stirr has very unique menu offerings, plays fun and upbeat music, and the staff treated us very well; which was great, considering my group arrived an hour past the reservation time (my bad!)

It was honestly the best birthday celebration I’ve had thus far. Although it mostly came together at the last minute, it showed that I have so many people who care for me and wanted to join me in celebrating my birthday.

Great time with friends at Stirr. Photo credit: Random drunk girl on the couch.

23 was a year full of lessons learned. I graduated college with hopes that my degree would open new doors and that I would finally land the job of my dreams. Perhaps I was a bit naive of how easily I’d be able to navigate the post-grad world. Although I came to realize that adulthood is more of a challenge than it appears to be, I can stand by the age-old saying that everything happens for a reason.

Below is a quick recap of everything going on in my life as of lately.


In November of 2017, I began working as a writer and blogger at Dallas’s Best of Guide. Best of Guide is a publication highlighting the best of Dallas/Fort Worth’s dining and retail. Working there has been such a blessing. My boss treats me like one of her own children and I’ve networked with some very influential people in the metroplex. Not to mention, the perks are incredible! I get to try several new restaurants for free, and I get to write about my experience after!

I’ve also recently written a piece for Plano Profile that will appear in their March issue. This will be my first ever piece in a print publication!

One of my pieces on Medium received over 5000 views, so I decided to sign up to become a paid Medium partner. If you see me sharing any Medium pieces, be sure to throw me some clicks, likes, and claps.

When I’m not contributing to publications, I am doing freelance copywriting and social media management. Plus, I also recently got back into the figure art modeling game at a private university and various studios across the city.

At any hour of the day, I am sure to be remaining productive.


As of now, I’m currently not seeing anyone exclusively. I’m still going on dates from time to time, but I’m taking things slow and not forcing anything. I love being single too much!

I am, however, going on a “friend date” this coming weekend, and I’m very excited about that. I’ve been using an app called BumbleBFF to find platonic friends in the area and I’ve met a dude who seems pretty cool! We send each other memes, we have similar hobbies, and we agree on most things. What more could you want in a friend?


In January, I signed up for a membership at an upscale gym near my office. I’ve been working out at least four times per week. Although anxiety isn’t one of those things that can be magically cured, I’ve noticed that I feel relatively calmer if I’ve begun the day with a workout. I look forward to toning my body and getting in tip-top shape as the year progresses!

Possible relocation:

If you’ve been keeping up with me, you know that I really want to move to New York City. As I mentioned earlier, I think I may have been a little bit naive as to how easy it would be to land a post-grad job, especially out of state. I still have hopes to move there one day. I’ve been sending resumes, cover letters, and applications out the wazoo and I am keeping my fingers crossed waiting for that big opportunity. But until then, I am enjoying my time in Dallas and feel that I am making good progress as a journalist here.

Other projects:

In November, I shared that I would be starring in a short film called “Ponderosa Drive.” It is slated to come out in the middle of this week, however, due to some audio editing problems, it may be later than that. However, filming has completed and I am excited to share it with y’all!

For those of you who have been keeping up with my writing, thank you for all of your support. I couldn’t have made it this far without y’all. For those who are just now tuning in, be prepared for a wild ride!