Hey y’all!

I know, it’s been a while since I’ve updated my page (two months, to be exact), but I’ve been crazy busy with work and with writing for other outlets.

I am currently working as a Marketing Coordinator for a top-tier university in Dallas. I love my job and the people I work with are great. At the moment, my current plan is to work for the university for a few years, while pursuing my Master’s degree in Journalism or Marketing. Or, if by the grace of God, I land a full-time writing job at a national publication, I will pack my bags and accept the offer with open arms. I know I’ve said that I would like to live in New York City, and that is still the end goal, however, I feel that it is a smarter idea to continue to progress in my career in Dallas, then relocate once I’ve built a strong résumé.

I have found a nice apartment in Dallas’s Highland Park neighborhood and am set to move in September, however, I am still in search of a cool roommate. If interested, feel free to message me! I’m always open to making new friends!

At the moment, I’m not in a committed relationship, however, I have been casually seeing a special person these past few months. This person is very fun to be around, very smart, well-adjusted, kind-hearted, always down to join me on my food events, has good taste in music, and feels like a good fit. There are a lot of factors on my end that have been keeping me from making things official (my anxiety, busy work schedule, etc.) but I appreciate this person for being patient with me while I’m at a very transient point in my life. I guess we’ll see where it goes from here!

As I’ve previously mentioned, I am currently writing for multiple outlets, so I may be parting ways with my Alex the Blogger site. I regularly share pieces on each of the outlets I write for, as well as Medium (which I am now getting paid for, so feel throw some claps my way!). I’ve renewed this domain for another year, largely due to the fact that I have an email address associated with it, but I have other ideas I would like to execute, so my posts on here, if any, will come intermittently. Also, I am trying to be more elusive and only share stories about my personal life with those closest to me. I know I got into the writing game with my candid, unfiltered accounts, however, as my following has continued to grow, I am becoming less comfortable with people knowing about every aspect of my life.

Thank you to everyone who has read, liked, commented, and/or shared my work throughout these past three years! I look forward to sharing more pieces with you, whether it be through here or through another outlet.

If I ultimately decide to get rid of this page, feel free to keep in touch with me at alex@alextheblogger.com.